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  Both Duolog and Analog decks are currently available for sale online.

The Analog deck was issued as a limited edition (1000 reds and blacks).

The packaging was designed with a special lock detail and each box has embossed foil detail (queen of diamonds) in either black or red.

Each card is designed so that when the cards are "in play" by either fanning or stacking them, visual patterns appear based on the analog value of each card.


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  Analog Black  $17.00

  Analog Red  $17.00

  Analog Set  $30.00  (1 Red and 1 Black)


The Duolog deck is a hand signed and numbered limited edition (only 200 decks were produced).

Stunning multi-colored deck (6 color printing plus metallics) with a unique design, that spans across the faces and number cards alike.

Each number card creates a beautiful pattern based on its own suit design.

The deck contains two extra cards, and it is cocooned in a multi-layered translucent wrapper with 8 color printed detail, and a beautifully debossed packaging.


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  Duolog Deck  $200.00